Director's Office 1 (617) 495-2378

  • Martha Tedeschi
    Elizabeth and John Moors Cabot Director
  • Soyoung Lee
    Landon and Lavinia Clay Chief Curator
  • Micha Winkler Thomas
    Deputy Director
  • Jane Braun
    Assistant Director for Exhibitions and Collection Projects
  • Erica Lawton
    Administrative Coordinator
  • Veronica Ortega
    Executive Coordinator
  • Joselle Quaglietti
    Staff Assistant, Project Management

Curatorial Divisions

Division of Asian and Mediterranean Art / 1 (617) 496-9268

Division of European and American Art / 1 (617) 496-3671

Division of Modern and Contemporary Art / 1 (617) 495-2325

  • Mitra Abbaspour
    Houghton Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art; Head, Division of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Lynette Roth
    Daimler Curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum
  • Jackson Davidow
    John R. and Barbara Robinson Family Curatorial Fellow in Photography
  • Jessica Ficken
    Assistant Curator of the Collection
  • Bridget Hinz
    Senior Curatorial Assistant for Special Exhibitions and Publications
  • Peter Murphy
    Stefan Engelhorn Curatorial Fellow in the Busch-Reisinger Museum
  • Madeline Murphy Turner
    Emily Rauh Pulitzer Curatorial Fellow in Contemporary Drawings
  • Marvin Smith
    Staff Assistant

Division of Academic and Public Programs / 1 (617) 496-3546

  • Laura Muir
    Director of Academic and Public Programs, Division Head, and Louis Miller Thayer Research Curator
  • Ana Barros
    Manager of Campus Partnerships
  • Francesca Bewer
    Research Curator, Conservation and Technical Study Programs, Director of Summer Institute for Technical Studies in Art
  • Jeanne Burke
    Academic and Public Programs Coordinator
  • Tayana Fincher
    Manager of Public Programs
  • Sarah Lieberman
    Cunningham Fellow in Academic and Public Programs
  • Camran Mani
    Manager of Student Programs
  • Lauren McMahon
    Program Assistant
  • Bess Paupeck
    Associate Director of Public Programs and Community Partnerships
  • Jarvis Subia
    Manager of Community Partnerships
  • Jen Thum
    Associate Director of Academic Engagement and Campus Partnerships and Research Curator

Research Centers

Archaeological Exploration of Sardis 1 (617) 495-3940

Harvard Art Museums Archives / 1 (617) 495-2384

Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies / 1 (617) 495-2392

  • Narayan Khandekar
    Director of the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies and Senior Conservation Scientist
  • Adam Baker
    Senior Conservation Technician
  • Alison Cariens
    Conservation Coordinator
  • Angela Chang
    Assistant Director, Senior Conservator of Objects and Sculpture, Head of Objects Lab
  • Celia Chari
    Beal Family Postgraduate Fellow in Conservation Science
  • Alexandra Chipkin
    Richard I. Shader Fellow in Paintings Conservation
  • Tatiana Cole
    Associate Photograph Conservator
  • Madison Conliffe
    Conservation Junior Fellow
  • Susan Costello
    Conservator of Objects and Sculpture
  • Ellen Davis
    Associate Paintings Conservator
  • Katherine Eremin
    Patricia Cornwell Senior Conservation Scientist
  • Adrienne Gendron
    Objects Conservation Fellow
  • Allison Jackson
    Associate Frames Conservator
  • Penley Knipe
    Philip and Lynn Straus Senior Conservator of Works of Art on Paper and Head of Paper Lab
  • Nicole Ledoux
    Associate Conservator of Objects and Sculpture
  • Yi Bin Liang
    Conservation Technician
  • Cristina Morilla
    Special Project Conservator of Paintings
  • Alicia Morris
    Conservation Librarian
  • Georgina Rayner
    Conservation Scientist
  • Abby Schleicher
    Assistant Paper Conservator
  • Kate Smith
    Senior Conservator of Paintings, Head of Paintings Lab
  • Samantha Callanta
    Conservation Junior Fellow

Administrative Departments

Collections Management / 1 (617) 495-2379

  • Jennifer Allen
    Director of Collections Management
  • Madelyn Albright
    Exhibition Designer
  • Jordan Bradley
    Collections Management Coordinator
  • Charlene Briggs
    Staff Assistant
  • Delaney Caballero
    Collections Assistant
  • Robert Checchi
    Assistant Director for Exhibitions
  • Stephen Creane
    Collections Assistant
  • Steve Deane
    Senior Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Karen Dressler
    Collections Assistant
  • Francine Flynn
    Registrar for Exhibitions
  • Ian Gage
    Collections Assistant
  • Karen Gausch
    Manager of Exhibition Production and Collections Care
  • Alicia Hagy
    Collections Assistant
  • Nicole Linderman-Moss
    Assistant Director for Registration
  • Mary Lister
    Assistant Director for Collections
  • Sean Lunsford
    Senior Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Karoline Mansur
    Senior Associate Registrar for Collections
  • Steve Mikulka
    Preparator, Collections Management
  • Toru Nakanishi
    Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Ben Peters
    Manager of Art Study Center Operations
  • Mario Rojo
    Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Christina Stone
    Senior Assistant Registrar for Collections
  • Cheyanne Stunger
    Exhibition Production Specialist
  • Alfred Zuniga
    Collections Assistant

Communications / 1 (617) 495-1075

Editorial and Design Services 1 (617) 496-6529


Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology 1 (617) 495-0775

  • Jeff Steward
    Director of Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology
  • Ian Callahan
    Senior Architect
  • Abigail Cramer
    Digital Asset Manager/Digital Archivist
  • Kathleen Kennelly
    Collections Information and Database Specialist
  • Catherine Maldonado
    Web Developer
  • Scout Perry
    Staff Assistant

Digital Imaging and Visual Resources / 1 (617) 495-8211

  • Britt Bowen
    DIVR Coordinator
  • Aaron Burleson
    Fine Art Photographer
  • Katya Kallsen
    Fine Arts Photographer
  • Mary Kocol
    Fine Arts Photographer
  • Katie Kujala
    Post Production Developer

Facilities Planning and Management 1 (617) 496-5309

  • John Boucher
    Director of Facilities Planning & Management
  • Christopher Brown-Silva
    AV Coordinator
  • Paul Correia
    Maintenance Technician
  • Carola Houttuijn Bloemendaal
    Senior Facilities Manager
  • Dennis Lesse
    Maintenance Technician
  • Jean Vallon
    Facilities Coordinator

Financial 1 (617) 496-2390

  • Nancy Laird
    Director of Finance
  • Margaret Curley
    Manager of Financial Operations
  • Meagan Fraser
    Finance and Administrative Coordinator
  • Cassandra McBride
    Assistant Director of Budgets and Financial
  • Evelyne Reyes
    Financial Assistant

Human Resources 1 (617) 495-2826

Institutional Advancement 1 (617) 496-5317

  • Melanie Sheffield
    Chief Development Officer
  • Heather Cappello
    Development Operations Associate
  • Elizabeth Cartland
    Director of Individual Giving
  • Diana Katz
    Major Gifts Officer
  • Shannon Kemper
    Annual Giving Associate
  • Ann Starnbach
    Director of Leadership Giving
  • Tisha Stima
    Director of Institutional Relations
  • Clare Suffern
    Development Stewardship Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Wood
    Individual Giving Associate

Security 1 (617) 495-4040

  • Nilton Barbosa
    Director of Safety and Security
  • Jerry Janvier
    Security Manager
  • Albertleon Kasongo
    Senior Security Manager
  • Eldi Prifti
    Senior Security Manager
  • Ansis Purins
    Mail Clerk
  • Stephanie Tringale
    Staff Assistant, Safety and Security
  • Sean Walsh
    Security Manager
  • Robert Zeiller
    Senior Security Manager

Visitor Services / 1 (617) 495-9400

  • Sanja Kugat
    Director of Visitor Services
  • Rebecca Camerato
    Visitor Services Operations Manager
  • Jeremiah Lenoch
    Staff Assistant, Visitor Services
  • John Sheeran
    Visitor Services Supervisor and Technical Support
  • Brenda Stern
    Facility Rentals Program Manager
  • Julia Trogani
    Visitor Services and Shop Supervisor
  • Mina Burton
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Rory Ann Corcoran
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Edward Dormody
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Jon Feng
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Marco Jimenez
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Rebecca Langlois
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant
  • Laura Wolfe
    Visitor Services and Shop Assistant