Harvard Art Museums publications inspire new ways of seeing and understanding art. Growing out of the museums’ teaching, learning, and research mission, these publications invite students, scholars, and members of the public to explore and appreciate works of art: their aesthetics and ingenuity, their making and materiality, their history and conservation. They serve the museums’ efforts to activate objects as engines of visual and intellectual inquiry, engaging voices from a range of disciplines and pursuing topics from diverse areas of social, political, and cultural life.


Our books illuminate the big idea or story underlying an exhibition, responding to the specific objective and unique character of each show. They also highlight strengths in our collections and other interesting aspects of our history and mission.

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Digital Resources

Hear staff perspectives on museum work, immerse yourself in the world of color and pigments, go deep into focused areas of the collections, and explore what doesn’t make it onto the walls in our exhibitions—all this and more in a range of offerings available exclusively online.


Index is an A to Z showcase of what is new or noteworthy about us, from events and exhibitions to the research and collaboration taking place in this vibrant 21st-century laboratory for the arts.