A white marble sculpture depicts a woman in a loosely draped garment with eyes closed; she leans heavily on a staff at her right side and her left hand is cupped to her ear.

Reconstructing the Staff of Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii

Objects conservation fellow Adrienne Gendron shares the story of Nydia, a sculpture representing a heroine from a 19th-century novel, and the thoughtful considerations behind her conservation approach.
A man looks down at a box filled with various stacks of photographs.

American Soldier Photography

Curatorial fellow Jackson Davidow considers the genre of soldier photography, looking closely at examples in the museums’ photography collection, including works recently gifted to the museums.

By Jackson Davidow

A painting of a woman wearing a white tunic and dark blue veil reading a book she holds in her hands.

Further Reading: From the Andes to the Caribbean

Horace D. Ballard, organizer of From the Andes to the Caribbean: American Art from the Spanish Empire, shares a list of reading recommendations that add dimension to the exhibition.

By Horace D. Ballard

A woman in a black shirt cuts a display mount with a hacksaw, with a work cart next to her

A Tribute to Those Who Build Our Stuff

How do custom gallery furnishings, such as pedestals and special mounts, make the journey from design to visitor appreciation? Through good craftsmanship.

By Elie Glyn