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A woman sits in front of laptop screen that is displaying a Harvard Art Museums' online program.

Harvard Art Museums from Home

Experience the Harvard Art Museums from home as we spotlight new stories about our collections and revisit some old favorites.
A silver stirrup cup in the shape of a fox head. Its eyes are wide open and its ears perked up.

Creature Feature: What Does the Fox Say?

Discover a fantastic silver cup in the shape of a fox head, and find out how our team made it “float” while on display.

This photograph of a gallery shows a painting that depicts three different full-length views of a Black woman standing with her arms relaxed at her side. She wears hoop earrings, wire-rimmed glasses, and a long, white gown with a slit and a halter neck. Positioned against a matte white background, she stands as if seen, from left to right, in profile, from the front, and from behind.

Celebrating Juneteenth: The Power of Portraits

In honor of Juneteenth, Harvard students and staff discuss a selection of portraits and portrait-like images by Black artists.

This photograph of the interior of the Harvard Art Museums is tinted a bluish-green hue. It shows two levels of arcades with several arches. Various works of art are visible on the wall on the second level. At bottom are the words “A Closer Look.”

A Closer Look: Our New Podcast Series

Season 1 of our new podcast, which introduces museum jobs through the personal stories of our staff, is now available for listening.

By Jennifer Aubin

A woman with long hair and glasses is leaning over a light table in a laboratory to examine a sheet of paper.

Understanding Paper: Structures, Watermarks, and a Conservator’s Passion

Paper conservation fellow Leonie Müller guides readers in an examination of paper’s material qualities and explains how its structures reflect the process of how it’s made.

By Leonie Müller

Six square collaged images of individuals holding up pieces of paper with written haiku poetry.

Haiku and You: Painting Edo and the Arnold Arboretum

Learn about haiku in the Edo period and explore haiku as a creative practice, inspired by the Arnold Arboretum and the Painting Edo exhibition.

This molded sculpture depicts a small rabbit lying down with ears extended and front limbs outstretched in near profile view. Small, spherical shapes and bits of yellow can be seen throughout the sculpture, giving it a roughly textured surface.

Art Talk: The Abject Object—Decay and Irreverence in Dieter Roth’s Multiples

Explore Dieter Roth’s use of unconventional and irreverent materials in his works.

There are two images side by side. The image on the right is a painted fan. It features two white magnolia flowers, one facing downward and one facing more upward, and several large green leaves set against a smoky gray background. The image on the right is a composite image of three photographs of a living magnolia plant, which has white petals, bright green leaves, and a magenta pink center.

Painting Edo and the Arnold Arboretum

Painted plants come to life through an ongoing collaboration with the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University inspired by the exhibition Painting Edo: Japanese Art from the Feinberg Collection.

A wooden sculpture of a small child lies carefully on an examination table in a laboratory. A dark-haired woman leans over the sculpture, holding a flashlight to cast light onto the object.

The Botany of a Buddhist Sculpture: Hinoki Cypress and Prince Shōtoku at Age Two

Get up close with the extraordinary sculpture Prince Shōtoku at Age Two and discover new insights gained from collaborative research with the Arnold Arboretum.

A slender young trans woman with long dark brown curly hair and bright red fingernails appears frontally in three-quarter length. She is outside, leaning against a partially painted brick wall, her head turned to the right. She is wearing a thin fur jacket with a wide collar, a low-cut black top, and tight black pants.

Voices from the Collections: Photographer Mariette Pathy Allen in Conversation with Curator Makeda Best

Curator Makeda Best speaks with photographer Mariette Pathy Allen about her artistic process and her groundbreaking portfolio on crossdressers.

This black and white photograph shows a living room filled with sleek, modernist furniture.

Art Talk: Picturing the Modern Home—Lucia Moholy’s Bauhaus Living Room

Learn about the historically overlooked role Lucia Moholy played in promoting a Bauhaus vision of modern living.