Two side-by-side images each show a sculpture of a falcon wearing a crown. The sculpture is atop a small platform. The images face each other. The image at left is a black and white X-radiograph, which reveals internal elements of the sculpture. The image at right is a color photograph and shows the sculpture as brownish-green set against a neutral gray ground.

Introducing the Art + Science Pathway

Stories about what’s hidden within a selection of works—discovered through technical analysis—are now highlighted in the galleries.

By Sophie Lynford, Kate Smith

This photograph shows a piece of aluminum foil with a black square on it. The foil is inside a block of glass with a pedestal.

Something You Can’t See

Charlene Briggs, receptionist in the Art Study Center, delves into the story behind one of the most famous materials in the Forbes Pigment Collection.

By Charlene Briggs