This photograph shows a close-up of a group of framed fans hanging on a wall at different depths. Some frames overlap each other.

Install in Action: Setting the Fans Afloat in Painting Edo

Watch this time-lapse video of the installation of a wall of framed fans for the Painting Edo exhibition.

There are two images side by side. The left image is a detail of an ink painting. It shows a close-up detail pine tree branch with sharp, twisted branches and long delicate needles against a gray background with accents of white. The right image is the full image of the ink painting of the pine on silk. A thin yellow square border surrounds the image detailed at left.

Painting Edo at the Arnold Arboretum: Japanese Black Pine

Join us to discover Japanese black pine in Harvard collections—both alive and painted—through the eyes of a botanist and an art historian.

Two people, whose backs are to us, are in front of a large-scale abstract painting. The person on the left is standing and is applying a long cotton swab to the painting. The person on the right is wearing a visor and sitting on a stool. The painting consists of interlocking ribbed curves in shades of green against a lighter green background, punctuated with smaller red shapes.

Art Talk: Lifting the Veil from Herbert Bayer’s Verdure

In celebration of the Bauhaus centennial, one of the largest paintings in the Harvard Art Museums collections was cleaned and restored while being studied alongside preparatory works in the collections.

A gallery entrance features a large display case of six hanging scrolls, containing imagery of flowers and branches with leaves, flanked by large folding screens.

Art Talk: Painting Edo

We are bringing our collections home to you in a new online series called Art Talks. In this installment, curator Rachel Saunders introduces us to the special exhibition Painting Edo: Japanese Art from the Feinberg Collection.

Painting Edo — An Introduction

In this video, curator Rachel Saunders introduces our new special exhibition.

Global Displacement at the Center of Crossing Lines, Constructing Home

Our new exhibition—featuring important contemporary works from our collections—explores issues around displacement and belonging.

An oil painting of a boy atop a horse pulling a harrow made of short branches with another young boy sitting atop the harrow.

Clarity on Homer’s Brush Harrow

Paintings conservation fellow Anne Schaffer shares how a simple treatment revealed a critical detail in Winslow Homer’s The Brush Harrow.

By Anne Schaffer

Crossing Lines, Constructing Home — An Introduction

In this video, curators Makeda Best and Mary Schneider Enriquez introduce our new special exhibition.

A watercolor of a man standing in the ocean, his back the viewer, holding up a piece of coral towards a person in a nearby boat.

Truth or Fiction? Homer as Witness

Our exhibition Winslow Homer: Eyewitness, drawn almost entirely from the permanent collections, links seemingly disparate chapters of the American artist’s career.

Two young children draw in front of Herbert Bayer's

Creating Art, Amid the Art

Visitors of all ages are welcome to sketch in the galleries. Find out the stories behind some of the works they’ve created.

By Allyson Tompkins