A woman in a black shirt cuts a display mount with a hacksaw, with a work cart next to her

A Tribute to Those Who Build Our Stuff

How do custom gallery furnishings, such as pedestals and special mounts, make the journey from design to visitor appreciation? Through good craftsmanship.

By Elie Glyn

On a vertical wood panel composed of several irregularly shaped strips is a painted portrait of a young, bearded man. He is dressed in a white tunic with red and black details and wears a golden reef in his dark hair. The surface of the painting appears patchy.

Giving the Dead Their Due: An Exhibition Re-Examines Funerary Portraits from Roman Egypt

In a powerful exhibition, four ambitious curators tell the most complete account to date of a deeply misunderstood object: the Roman Egyptian funerary portrait.

By Graham Weber

A color screenshot shows two images: one on top and one on bottom. The top image shows a light-skinned woman with short brown hair in black-frame glasses in front of a small landscape painting, and the bottom frame shows a light-skinned man in front of a green bookcase filled with books.

@busch_hall Conversations: Lynette Roth and Joseph Leo Koerner

The Busch-Reisinger Museum’s new Instagram account @busch_hall hosts conversations with established and emerging scholars, contemporary artists, and museum peers on Instagram Live.

A square grid of nine separate images is arranged in three rows. On the top row, from left to right, is a color poster for an event titled “Becoming Black” with a headshot of a young, light-skinned Black woman; a black and white photograph of a barrel-arched portal; and a painted portrait depicting a man in ceremonial military dress. In the second row is a black and white photograph of a forest in the fog, with the text “Art and Environment in the Third Reich” centered over it; a book cover with caricatured depictions of ethnographic types and the partially visible title “Constructing Race on the Borders of”; and a collage consisting of biomorphic forms in dark orange and orange-red intermittently placed against a blue field. In the third row is an image with the all-caps text “I am a citizen of the world” atop a graphic design of black and white ribbons interlacing over a burnt-orange background; an installation photograph of people viewing a projected video of a woman smearing paint

Introducing @busch_hall

The Harvard Art Museums are pleased to announce the launch of the Busch-Reisinger Museum’s new Instagram account: @busch_hall!

By Lynette Roth, Lauren Hanson

This photograph of the interior of the Harvard Art Museums is tinted a bluish-green hue. It shows two levels of arcades with several arches. Various works of art are visible on the wall on the second level. At bottom are the words “A Closer Look.”

A Closer Look: Our New Podcast Series

Season 1 of our new podcast, which introduces museum jobs through the personal stories of our staff, is now available for listening.

By Jennifer Aubin

A Model City

Virtual renderings and three-dimensional models of structures at the Sardis excavation, created by Harvard architecture students, show new aspects of the site.

Ancient Architectural Fragments Get a 3D Treatment

A selection of sixth-century Coptic architectural fragments that previously adorned the main staircase of Harvard’s Arthur M. Sackler Building are back on view—but this time as 3D-printed reproductions.

Art on Television

The special exhibition Nam June Paik: Screen Play features videos produced by the artist in conjunction with the Boston public television station WGBH.

By Marina Isgro

A Well-Traveled Pavement

An ancient Roman floor mosaic of the sea goddess Tethys has recently been the focus of an international study, including by researchers at the Harvard Art Museums.

By Elizabeth Molacek

Games in the Gallery

The interactive installation JODI: OXO explores artificial intelligence through a simple and very familiar game.