The Palace of Croesus Shines Again

Field director Nicholas Cahill tells of the legends of Croesus and of the probable discovery of the king’s palace at Sardis. 

From On High

This summer a drone called Icarus provided new views of Sardis, advancing research on the ancient site.

By Bahadır Yıldırım

New Sounds for an Ancient Site

The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis recently hosted a stirring performance of a symphony named after Sardis.

More Discoveries (and Puzzles) at Sardis

In a lecture last month at the Harvard Art Museums about the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis in western Turkey, expedition director Nicholas Cahill shared several new developments made by archaeologists and other experts over the past two years.

Protecting the Past for the Future

Another day, another glass roof (or two). Sardis is planning two protective structures for its archaeological site in western Turkey.

Exploring Hellenistic Sardis

Paul Kosmin, an assistant professor of the classics at Harvard, writes about the Hellenistic period of the ancient city of Sardis as well as his experience at the excavation site this July. The Archaeological Exploration of Sardis is co-sponsored by the Harvard Art Museums and Cornell University.

By Paul Kosmin

Digging for History at Sardis

As an international team continues the excavation of the ancient Lydian city of Sardis in western Turkey, we look back at the first expedition, in 1958, of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis—a collaborative research and educational project sponsored by the Harvard Art Museums and Cornell Unive...