Black and white photograph of Edward Waldo Forbes and eight students sitting in chairs in a classroom in the Fogg Museum.

The Fruits of Forbes’s Travels

What began as an interest in painting led to Edward Waldo Forbes’s extensive travel in England and Italy and an education in connoisseurship, artists’ materials, and techniques.

By Michelle Interrante

In Focus: Somerville Research Facility

Our Somerville Research Facility is home to the museums’ archives and a part of our Art Study Center. It also offers storage for some of our collections and is the home of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, the Division of Communications, the Department of Digital Imaging and Visual Resources...

Night at the Archives

Our archives staff recently participated in an “archives crawl,” introducing visitors to historical records, objects, photographs, and more.

Miss Mongan’s Legacy

In honor of Women’s History Month, we look back at the Fogg Museum’s Agnes Mongan—one of the first women to oversee a major art museum.

By Brooke McManus

Digging for History at Sardis

As an international team continues the excavation of the ancient Lydian city of Sardis in western Turkey, we look back at the first expedition, in 1958, of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis—a collaborative research and educational project sponsored by the Harvard Art Museums and Cornell Unive...

Fine Arts 1a at the Fogg

In a trip to the Harvard Art Museums Archives, we found this 1940s photograph of the Harvard class Fine Arts 1a: Principles of Drawing and Painting and Theory of Design, which was taught at the Fogg Museum. When the museums open this November, we will continue this tradition of supporting teaching a...

The Archives: Bringing the Museums to Life

The Harvard Art Museums Archives date back to the opening of the Fogg Museum in 1895. The department is a treasure trove for students, scholars, and interested members of the international art community.

Revisiting the Fogg Museum

Kathryn Brush, professor of art history at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, looks at the early years of the Fogg Museum and how its teaching and learning mission will grow only stronger once the Harvard Art Museums’ renovated and expanded facility opens on November 16, 2014.