A Welcoming Presence

Harvard student Sophia Feng, graduating this May with a degree in the history of art and architecture, introduced peers and community members to the museums.

Uniting Art and Science, Maille Radford Scores a Harvard First

Maille Radford knows the Harvard Art Museums better than most; the graduating Harvard College senior just completed an internship in the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies and has been a Student Board member since her freshman year. She’s also the first student to graduate from Har...

Not Your Typical Tour Guides

Undergraduate student guides from diverse backgrounds and perspectives provide one-of-a-kind tours for visitors to the Harvard Art Museums.

Animating the Lightbox Gallery

As part of the Harvard course Animation/Studio, a dozen students created installations for the Lightbox Gallery that will be shown throughout the spring.

A Revealing Juxtaposition

By comparing color in two different portraits, a Harvard undergraduate provided fresh insights for the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

Drawing on Fresh Interpretations

A Harvard undergraduate has offered a fresh perspective on a work by Rodin, as part of a course that led to the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

A New Attribution

A student’s research helps curators get closer to a proper attribution for one drawing included in the exhibition Drawing: The Invention of a Modern Medium.

Transformative Education

Students in a Harvard class about artist materials and methods received a crash course in artistic expression.

Embracing Solar Energy

A new 29.61-kilowatt system of solar panels—94 in all—has been installed on the fourth-floor roof of the Harvard Art Museums.

Dante, Illuminated

Harvard undergraduate students in an Italian class on Dante used objects in the museums’ collections to spur their language learning.