Lasting Footage

After nine months on display, our inaugural special exhibition Mark Rothko’s Harvard Murals will close on July 26, but the debate over the works’ cutting-edge conservation treatment will continue.

A New Constellation

In mid-April, Carlos Amorales’s Triangle Constellation took shape above the Harvard Art Museums’ Calderwood Courtyard.

Sounding Art in the Courtyard

Last fall, seven Harvard undergraduates in Professor Richard Beaudoin’s course on music composition took on an exciting assignment: to compose short works inspired by art from the Harvard Art Museums collections.

A Fresh Set of Pipes

Commissioned by E. Power Biggs, our famous organ housed in Adolphus Busch Hall came to us in 1958 from Dutch builder D. A. Flentrop of Zaandam, Holland.

The Tool at Hand

What would it be like to create a work of art using only one tool?

Reimagining Collections Data

Not too long ago, Jeff Steward set out to answer a question: How can data be visually rendered to reveal different types of collections activity over time?