Art Talk

Within the oval opening of a rectangular gold frame, a woman seen in half-length pours steaming liquid from a cup into a saucer held in her left hand. She is looking down and is turned slightly to the left. Her face is pale except for her cheeks and lips, which are pink. She wears her curly blond hair up in a bun, and a striped scarf is draped over her shoulders.

Art Talk: Precious Deception—The Illegal Use of Gold Leaf in an 18th-Century Print

Meg Grasselli discusses an unusual print with gold leaf—and why artist Louis-Marin Bonnet had to hide the fact that he’d created it.

Three images show Persian calligraphy. On the left is calligraphy on paper, framed in light blue, red, and gold. On the right is calligraphy on paper, framed in red, orange, and green. The center image, overlapping slightly with the other two, shows a detail of calligraphy.

Art Talk: A Persian Calligraphic Album

Join curatorial fellow Shiva Mihan as she delves into the artistry and aesthetics of a Persian album of calligraphy.

This image shows two side-by-side photographs: the smaller one on the left shows a mottled clay doll figurine in profile, with the head facing left, in the hand of someone wearing a rubber glove. The image on the right is a close-up of a marble sculpture of a little girl’s face and shoulder. She is smiling and looking at the head of a tiny doll figurine just to the right of her. The figures both emerge from a marble surface.

Art Talk: Girls Will Be Girls

Join curatorial fellow Frances Gallart Marqués as she explores two of her favorite objects in the museums.