Staff Look-alikes: Jeff Steward as Hermes

September 25, 2013
Index Magazine

Staff Look-alikes: Jeff Steward as Hermes

The Hermes Propylaios of Alkamenes (copy of original of c. 430 BCE), c. 27 BCE–14 CE, Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum. 

For this series, we at Index have taken a good, long look at ourselves and our colleagues at the museums and have matched staff members with artwork look-alikes in our collections. Taking advantage of a few props occasionally, the results have given us more than a few laughs and sometimes moments of awe.

Above: Jeff Steward, Director of Digital Infrastructure and Emerging Technology, meets the great Olympian god Hermes (Hermes Propylaios of Alkamenes [c. 27 BCE–14 CE]).

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