, Lightbox Gallery, Harvard Art Museums

Still image from Brooke Bourgeois’s project Dancing With/By Myself, produced while the Visual and Environmental Studies course Animation/Studio, led by artist Matt Saunders, was in residency in the Lightbox Gallery.

Lightbox Gallery, Harvard Art Museums

Throughout the 2016–17 academic year, Matt Saunders, assistant professor of visual and environmental studies at Harvard University, is leading an experimental studio residency in the Harvard Art Museums’ Lightbox Gallery. The Harvard undergraduate course Animation/Studio (VES56S) has engaged with the Lightbox Gallery as a space for digital experimentation, exploring new ways for artists and collections to act in dialogue. In the spring semester, each student will exhibit his or her final project in week-long intervals.

December 12–18: Kay Xia, Moonlight Sonata
January 30–February 5: Alma MacBride, Warming Up
February 6–12: Michael Kennedy-Yoon, Some Assembly Required
February 13–19: Hillary Do, Untitled
February 21–26: Brooke Bourgeois, Dancing With/By Myself
February 27–March 5: Megan Bailey, The Binding Constraint
March 6–12: Laila Carter, Inklings
March 13–19: Youngjin Song, The Flowers
March 20–26: Emilio Vavarella, RE:Animation
March 27–April 2: Faye Zhang, Bird Thud
April 3–9: Casey Moore, A Viral Visit to the Harvard Art Museums
April 10–16: Teddy Ninh, Untitled

Animation/Studio is one in a series of ongoing, experimental projects built for the Lightbox Gallery, a space for the research and development of digital tools. Developed in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and visiting artists, Lightbox Gallery projects challenge how we document, share, and examine collections and collections data. Exploration in the Lightbox Gallery is cross-disciplinary, merging a gallery experience with a digital lab.

Modern and contemporary art programs at the Harvard Art Museums are made possible in part by generous support from the Emily Rauh Pulitzer and Joseph Pulitzer, Jr., Fund for Modern and Contemporary Art.