HAA 10 Survey Course (S421): The Western Tradition: Art Since the Renaissance (Fall 11 Rotation 2)

  • Ugolino and His Children
  • Young Cyclist
  • Studies for
  • Torso of a Young Girl
  • Narcissus at the Spring
  • Thomyris Causing the Head of Cyrus to be Immersed in Blood
  • Study for
  • Birmingham Race Riot
  • Construction in Space with Balance on Two Points
  • Tiger Attacking a Peacock
  • Sudarium of Saint Veronica, with the Face of the Thorn-Crowned Savior
  • The Eye, Like a Strange Balloon Moves Towards Infinity
  • Adam and Eve
  • The First Steps
  • Roger Freeing Angelica
  • Seated Musician
  • Mocked Christ
  • Oath of the Seven Chieftains before Thebes
  • Study for Seated Figures for
  • The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
  • Apollo Belvedere
  • Landscape with Three Gabled Cottages beside a Road
  • Nude Man Seen from Behind (Narcissus)
  • Samson and the Philistine (recto and verso)
  • Samson and the Philistine (recto and verso)
  • The First Steps
  • Study for
  • Virgin and Child
  • And So Was His Grandfather
  • Mars and Venus
  • Los Caprichos
  • Lithographic stone:

This installation accompanies the course of the same name taught by Professor Henri Zerner and other members of Harvard’s Department of History of Art and Architecture. Three rotations of objects throughout the semester bring together diverse media and unusual groupings, including works that are seldom on display. The first rotation focuses on painting techniques and pictorial space (September 6–October 1, 2011); the second on sculpture, printmaking, and artistic process (October 7–November 5, 2011); and the third on photography and abstraction (November 12–December 7, 2011).

This installation is made possible by funding from the Gurel Student Exhibition Fund.

Teaching gallery installations are mounted in conjunction with Harvard University undergraduate and graduate courses and feature selected objects from the Harvard Art Museums collections.