Overlapping Realms: Arts of the Islamic World and India, 900-1900

, Arthur M. Sackler Museum
A hexagonal tile decorated with repeating blue floral designs.

Arthur M. Sackler Museum

Overlapping Realms presents a sampling of visual arts produced by the varied peoples who inhabited the region stretching from southern Europe through South Asia. Successive and shifting kingdoms and empires in the temporal world profoundly affected these artists who, in turn, contributed to its complex mix of cultures and identities. Different faiths, in particular Abrahamic and Indic religions, also influenced the artists’ world views and in many ways determined their opportunities and modes of expression. Relying primarily on ceramics and metalwork, the exhibition emphasizes commonalities and continuities, even as it explores diversity of intention and technique. Complementing this exhibition are rotations on the fourth gallery wall of different mediums, spotlighting themes, techniques, and artistic approaches within these cultures.


Focus on South Asian Photography: Imaging India in the 19th Century
December 2, 2006–February 25, 2007

Focus on South Asian Photography: Recent Works
March 1–May 6, 2007

Pavilions of Love: A Ritual Space in Indian Painting
May 10–September 23, 2007

On the Path of Madness: Representations of Majnun in Persian, Turkish, and Indian Painting
September 27, 2007–March 23, 2008

Organized by Mary McWilliams, Norma Jean Calderwood Curator of Islamic and Later Indian Art, Arthur M. Sackler Museum. The photography rotations are curated by Kimberly Masteller, assistant curator of Islamic and later Indian art, Arthur M. Sackler Museum. Pavilions of Love is curated by Anne Marie Doyle, former Norma Jean Calderwood Curatorial Intern, Arthur M. Sackler Museum. On the Path of Madness is co-curated by Mary McWilliams and Sunil Sharma, senior lecturer, Boston University.