Indian Harvest: Part 1

, Harvard University Art Museums
  • Proud Fat Rajput
  • Old Bridegroom Harassed by Flies
  • Equestrian Portrait of Maharana Amar Singh II of Mewar (r. 1698-1710)
  • The Goddess Durga Battles Demons, folio from a manuscript of the Durgasaptashati (Seven Hundred Couplets in Praise of Durga)
  • Sujan Singh of Bikaner and Ladies Shooting Heron from a Terrace
  • Two Ladies from Surat
  • Maharao Ram Singh (r. 1827-66) Celebrating Diwali
  • Shrinathji Worshipped at Sharat Purnima (Autumn Full Moon Festival)
  • Maharaja Surat Singh (r. 1788-1828)  of Bikaner at a Window
  • Krishna, Radha, and the Gopis Meet a Young Prince
  • Rana Jagat Singh II (r. 1734-51) Receives a Rathor
  • Shield with scenes of hunting lions
  • Maharaja Man Singh of Marwar (r. 1803-43) with Ladies on a Charkhi
  • Lady and Confidante in a Forest
  • Portrait of Vazir Ali Khan, Nawab of Lucknow
  • Krishna and Balarama in the Clutches of Kamsa's Wrestler (from a Bhagavata Purana [Ancient Tales of the Lord] manuscript
  • Kunwar Ajit Singh's Revels in a Garden
  • Krishna Fighting Sahastrabhahu, folio from an album of the Bhagavata Purana (Ancient Stories of the Lord)
  • Wild Horses
  • Maharaja Sri Prabh Singhji Entertained in a Garden
  • Elephant Chase through the Gateway of a Fort
  • Battle Scene, folio fragment from an album of the Bhagavata Purana (Ancient Stories of the Lord)a Bhagavat Purana series
  • The Great Orgy of Maharao Shatru Sal II
  • Subduing an Elephant
  • Malasri Ragini from  the Chunar Ragamala Series (or Gaund Ragini)
  • Rama and Lakshmana Discover the Dying Jatayu; from a Ramayana series
  • Meghamallar Ragini, from a Ragamala Series (Garland of Musical Modes)
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