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Student Guide Tour: Art in Exile, with Vlad Batagui

In the center of a gallery is a side view of an enclosed pedestal. The pedestal contains a sculpture of a small child facing right, with a bald head, wearing flowing clothing from the waist down, and with hands clasped together in front of him. In the distance on the far wall, a large case displays various fragments of a cave painting.
© David Heald


Join us live on Zoom for a Student Guide Tour!

Vlad Batagui ’21 explores the relationship between art and the origins of its creation, looking at different ways in which art objects and artists get removed from their original cultural contexts. This interactive tour looks closely at the mural painting Eight Men Ferrying a Statue of the Buddha (from Mogao Cave 323, in Dunhuang, China), the sculpture {Torso of a Young Girl by Constantin Brancusi, and the easel painting {Jocular Sounds by Wassily Kandinsky.

This free tour will take place online via Zoom. To join, click the following link: (no pre-registration required).

The Ho Family Student Guide Program at the Harvard Art Museums trains students to develop original, research-based tours of the collections. These tours, designed and led by Harvard undergraduates from a range of academic disciplines, focus on objects chosen by each Student Guide and offer a unique, thematic view into the collections.

This program is supported by the Ho Family Student Guide Fund.

For instructions on how to join a meeting on Zoom, click here; for general questions about Student Guide Tours, email