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A man hangs on a cross with two figures positioned below

A light-skinned man is nailed to a wooden cross. Blood flows from wounds on his hands, head, side, and feet. In the top left corner is a vignette of a man with a long white beard. Below the crucified man, a woman in a red cape embraces the bottom of the cross. A winged angel stands to the right holding a small mammal by its left foot. In the angel’s other hand is a red pointed handle. Behind the figures is a walled city and a dark cloud. Barely-visible angels holding white shields with red crosses fly toward the cloud.

Gallery Text

In the 1490s, Florence came under the sway of the magnetic Dominican preacher Girolamo Savonarola. The century had been one of unprecedented innovations in art and literature, but also of loosening social mores and rampant church corruption. Savonarola railed against immorality and unorthodoxy, warning that Judgment Day was imminent and that Florence would be punished for its sins.

Botticelli’s brother was a follower of Savonarola, and the artist also came under his sway. In this painting, perhaps made for his own use, Botticelli incorporates themes from Savonarola’s incendiary sermons. Firebrands and weapons rain down from black storm clouds, and an angel of justice raises his sword to slay the marzocco, the small lion that is the emblem of Florence. The purified city is shown in the background, bathed in light emanating from God the Father, as white angels chase the clouds away. Mary Magdalene desperately clutches the foot of the cross, while a wolf, symbolizing clerical vice, flees from under her robe.

Identification and Creation

Object Number
Sandro Botticelli (Alessandro Filipepi), Italian (Florence, Italy 1444/45 - 1510 Florence, Italy)
Mystic Crucifixion
Other Titles
Alternate Title: Saint Mary Magdalene at the Foot of the Cross / Crucifixion with the Penitent Magdalen and an Angel
Work Type
c. 1500
Creation Place: Europe, Italy, Tuscany, Florence
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Level 2, Room 2500, European Art, 13th–16th century, Art and Image in Europe
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Physical Descriptions

Tempera and oil on canvas (transferred from panel)
72.4 x 51.4 cm (28 1/2 x 20 1/4 in.)
framed: 90.2 x 68.3 x 7.6 cm (35 1/2 x 26 7/8 x 3 in.)


Recorded Ownership History
Palazzo Riccardi, Florence. Emile Peyre (Paris). Edouard Aynard (Lyon, c. 1900-1913), purchased in Florence, sold by his heirs through [Galerie Georges Petit, Paris, December 1-4, 1913, lot 38, not sold]. Marczell von Nemes, Munich, until 1922. [F. Kleinberger Galleries (by 1924)] sold; to Edward Forbes, sold; to Fogg Art Museum, 1924.

Note: The painting was not in the Nemes collection between 1922 and 1924.

Acquisition and Rights

Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Friends of the Fogg Art Museum Fund
Accession Year
Object Number
European and American Art

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Exhibition History

  • Italian Primitives: the Case History of a Collection and its Conservation, Yale University Art Gallery, 04/01/1972 - 09/01/1972
  • Master Paintings from the Fogg Collection, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 04/13/1977 - 08/31/1977
  • Florence and Its Image, Forte Belvedere, Florence, 06/29/1994 - 10/30/1994
  • Botticelli's Witness: Changing Style in a Changing Florence, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 01/24/1997 - 05/11/1997
  • Sandro Botticelli: pittore della Divina Commedia, Scuderie Papali al Quirinale, Rome, 09/20/2000 - 12/03/2000
  • Re-View: S422-423 Western Art of the Middle Ages & Renaissance, Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge, 08/16/2008 - 06/18/2011
  • 32Q: 2540 Renaissance, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 11/16/2014 - 07/24/2015
  • 32Q: 2500 Renaissance, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 08/31/2017 - 01/01/2050
  • The Botticelli Renaissance, Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Berlin, 09/25/2015 - 01/24/2016; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 03/05/2016 - 07/03/2016
  • Botticelli and the Search for the Divine: Florentine Painting between the Medici and the Bonfires of the Vanities, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Boston, 04/15/2017 - 07/09/2017

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