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Identification and Creation

Object Number
Attributed to The Penthesilea Painter, Greek (active c. 475 BCE-450 BCE)
Kylix (drinking cup): Maenad and satyr; winged-female with seated Zeus; warrior with winged-female
Work Type
c. 470 BCE
Creation Place: Ancient & Byzantine World, Europe, Attica
Classical period, Early
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Level 3, Room 3400, Ancient Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Art, Ancient Greece in Black and Orange
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Physical Descriptions

11.3 x 27.3 cm (4 7/16 x 10 3/4 in.)


Recorded Ownership History
[Athens, 1896], sold; to Joseph C. Hoppin, (Pomfret, CT), (1896-1925), bequest; to the Fogg Art Museum, 1925.

State, Edition, Standard Reference Number

Standard Reference Number
Beazley Archive Database #211593

Acquisition and Rights

Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Bequest of Joseph C. Hoppin
Accession Year
Object Number
Asian and Mediterranean Art

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Interior: Satyr and Maenad. Within a meander border a Maenad to left, clad in a chiton, himation, and sakkos, holding a thyrsos in her right faces a nude, bearded satyr who is attempting to seize her. Her right foot projects into the border.

Side A: In the center a winged female figure (Iris?) standing full front with her head in profile to right, clad in a Doric peplos and wearing a fillet (reserved) in her hair, and earrings. In her left she holds a caduceus. At her right a beaded warrior clad in a short chiton and Attic helmet, holding a shield (device, an open eye) and a spear in his left bows before her in the act of laying at her feet a palm branch. Behind the winged figure, a male, bearded figure, seated to right on a stool, clad in a chiton and cloak, and holding in both hands a sceptre. Behind him in the field an L-shaped object.

Side B: In the center a nude, bearded warrior to right, head in profile, body and legs full front, with a chlamys draped over his outstretched right arm, and a spear in his right hand, while in his left he holds a shield with a long cover on which an open eye is painted. Facing his to left a winged female figure (Iris?) in a long chiton and sakkos, a scarf draped over her left shoulder and waist, her right upraised and a caduceus in her left. At the left a bearded male figure to right comletely wrapped in a cloak, leaning on a staff.

Locks of hair of the figures done in a dilute glaze. Hair outline reserved. Under each handle a floral palmette. Extremely fine lustrous black glaze. Badly broken but nothing of importance missing.
The winged figure on the exterior of this kylix is likely the goddess Iris. A messenger goddess, Iris is shown in Greek vase paintings as a young woman with wings and the caduceus (rod). She is sometimes shown standing near Zeus and/or Hera, pouring nectar from an oinochoe.

Publication History

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Exhibition History

  • Attic Vase Painting in New England Collections, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 03/01/1972 - 04/05/1972
  • Dionysos and His Circle: Ancient through Modern, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 12/10/1979 - 02/10/1980
  • Fragments of Antiquity: Drawing Upon Greek Vases, Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, 03/15/1997 - 12/28/1997
  • HAA132e The Ideal of the Everyday in Greek Art (S427) Spring 2012, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 01/31/2012 - 05/12/2012
  • 32Q: 3400 Greek, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 10/03/2023 - 01/01/2050

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