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Study of a standing nude woman and one partial study on light brown toned canvas

At center is a full length study in oils of a nude woman. She stands facing us with her left foot in front of her right, her weight on her back foot. She tilts her head down and to her right, her long brown hair pulled back in a braid. She reaches behind her back with her right hand to touch her left arm at her side. A rough shadow in brown outlines her figure, and just above and to the right is an incomplete study of a similar pose, in which her head tilts up and to her left.

Gallery Text

This oil, illustrating a scene from the Italian epic poem Orlando Furioso, is a study for a painting intended for the royal residences at Versailles. It is based on classically inspired images of Andromeda — chained to a rock, awaiting rescue by the hero Perseus — that Ingres had seen in Rome. Its naturalism and immediacy suggest that Ingres worked from a live model.

The central figure stands in statuesque contrapposto (half rotated, with her weight on one leg), a brown shadow surrounding her like a niche. Her unfinished right hand reaches back and touches her left wrist, as if to confirm the physical reality of her flesh. The gesture is repeated by a second figure, whose attenuated torso suggests a sculptural fragment. The flesh-colored background focuses attention on the sensitive modulations of light and dark through which Ingres, like Perseus, has “liberated” the figures — in this case, from the two-dimensional surface.

Identification and Creation

Object Number
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, French (Montauban 1780 - 1867 Paris)
Study for "Roger Freeing Angelica"
Other Titles
Former Title: Study for "Roger Freeing Angelica" (so-called "Andromeda")
Former Title: Study for the painting of Angelique and Medor
Former Title: Study for Andromeda
Work Type
Persistent Link

Physical Descriptions

Oil on canvas
47 x 37.2 cm (18 1/2 x 14 5/8 in.)
framed: 66.5 x 58 cm (26 3/16 x 22 13/16 in.)


Recorded Ownership History
Given by the artist to Hippolyte-Paul Delaroche, 1831, by descent (?); to Joseph-Carle-Paul-Horace Delaroche (his son). [Wildenstein & Co., New York], sold; to Grenville L. Winthrop, 1940, bequest; to Fogg Art Museum, 1943.

Acquisition and Rights

Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Bequest of Grenville L. Winthrop
Accession Year
Object Number
European and American Art


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Exhibition History

  • Chinese sculpture, bronzes, jades, paintings and drawings, Egyptian and Persian sculpture, Pre-Columbian art : selected from the collection of Grenville Lindall Winthrop, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 10/01/1943 - 02/28/1944
  • Master Paintings from the Fogg Collection, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 04/13/1977 - 08/31/1977
  • Works by J.-A.-D. Ingres in the Collection of the Fogg Art Museum, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 10/17/1980 - 12/07/1980
  • A Private Passion: 19th-Century Paintings and Drawings from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection, Harvard University, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Lyon, 03/15/2003 - 05/26/2003; National Gallery, London, 06/25/2003 - 09/14/2003; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 10/23/2003 - 01/25/2004
  • For Students of Art and Lovers of Beauty: Highlights from the Collection of Grenville L. Winthrop, Harvard University Art Museums, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 04/16/2004
  • HAA 10 Survey Course (S421): The Western Tradition: Art Since the Renaissance (Fall 11 Rotation 2), Harvard Art Museums/Arthur M. Sackler Museum, 10/07/2011 - 11/05/2011
  • 32Q: 2220 18th-19th Century, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 11/16/2014 - 07/28/2021

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