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Painting of cupboard filled with books, papers, and a cast of a head

This oil painting depicts a crowded cupboard, its “wood” creating a sort of frame for the image. It is filled with a crowded jumble of objects. Books and papers are crammed in the bottom of the cabinet, along with a glass of water and a small loaf of bread on a saucer. A medal hangs over the spine of a book. Above this is a classical sculpture-style plaster head. An artist’s palette, paintbrushes, and a small painting lean against it. A curling note titled “Sheriff’s Sale: The property of an Artist” is nailed to the top left corner of the cabinet.

Gallery Text

In this humorous still life, King pokes fun at popular taste and laments the plight of the arts in America. A masterful example of trompe l’oeil illusion, the painting depicts a cupboard filled with the possessions of an ambitious and well-educated but financially unsuccessful painter. Brushes, drafting tools, treatises on art, and a cast of the head of the Apollo Belvedere, the celebrated antique sculpture, are crammed in next to stacks of unpaid bills, letters from parsimonious patrons, and a “last prize” medal. Behind the loaf of bread, a fictitious news report complete with typographical errors ridicules the unsophisticated tastes of the era, and makes clear that America was a difficult place for painters like King who wanted to emulate the arts culture of Europe in the new republic:

The exhibition of a Cats Skin in Philadelphia


totally eclipsing its rival the splendid portrait

of [Benjamin] WEST by Sir T. LAWRENCE, the

later we regret to state, did not produce enough


Identification and Creation

Object Number
Charles Bird King, American (Newport, RI 1785 - 1862 Washington, DC)
The Vanity of the Artist's Dream
Other Titles
Former Title: The Anatomy of Art Appreciation
Former Title: Poor Artist's Study
Former Title: Still Life, The Vanity of An Artist's Dream
Work Type
Creation Place: North America, United States
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Level 2, Room 2200, European and American Art, 17th–19th century, The Emergence of Romanticism in Early Nineteenth-Century France
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Physical Descriptions

Oil and graphite on canvas
89.2 x 74.9 cm (35 1/8 x 29 1/2 in.)
frame: 109.2 x 94.6 x 5.1 cm (43 x 37 1/4 x 2 in.)
Inscriptions and Marks
  • Signed: l.c. on edge of book: C. B. King 1830 [For all the other inscriptions see Appendix A in American Paintings at Harvard, Volume I.]


Recorded Ownership History
James Fullerton, Boston (by 1832); Thomas R. Walker, Utica, NY; by descent to Muriel Matthews; purchased by Grenville L. Winthrop; his gift to the Fogg Art Museum, 1942.

Acquisition and Rights

Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of Grenville L. Winthrop, Class of 1886
Accession Year
Object Number
European and American Art


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Exhibition History

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  • 32Q: 2200 19th Century, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 11/16/2014 - 01/01/2050

Subjects and Contexts

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