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Seduced by the erotic dancing of his stepdaughter, Salome, the biblical ruler Herod promised to grant her a wish. Prompted by her mother, Herodias, whose marriage to Herod had been denounced by John the Baptist, Salome requested the saint’s head on a platter. In Moreau’s ornate vision, the dancer appears to have conjured the head of the ascetic prophet, whose radiance overshadows her richly dressed form. The psychologically and narratively ambiguous scene is enacted in front of the enthroned king and his wife as well as the executioner, his sword still wet with blood. A version of this painting was described by French writer Joris-Karl Huysmans in his decadent novel of 1884, À rebours (Against Nature). Huysmans, like many late 19th-century writers and artists, considered Salome the ultimate example of a femme fatale: "[S]he awakened more energetically the lethargic senses of man, she bewitched and tamed his will more confidently with her charm, that of a large venereal flower, grown in hotbeds of sacrilege, raised in impious greenhouses."

Identification and Creation
Object Number
Gustave Moreau, French (Paris 1826 - 1898 Paris)
The Apparition
Work Type
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Level 2, Room 2120, European and American Art, 17th–19th century, The Lure of the East
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Physical Descriptions
Oil on canvas
55.9 x 46.7 cm (22 x 18 3/8 in.)
frame: 69.8 x 60.2 cm (27 1/2 x 23 11/16 in.)
Inscriptions and Marks
  • Signed: l.l.: -Gustave Moreau-
Gustave Moreau, sold; to Gustave Druflé, 1877. [Georges Bernheim]. [Galerie Brame et Lorenceau, Paris, no. 38 as "L'Apparition [Salome dansant"], sold; to Tauber[t], Paris, France, 1912, sold; to Grenville L. Winthrop, New York, NY, 1930 [through Martin Birnbaum], bequest; to Fogg Art Museum, 1943.
Acquisition and Rights
Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Bequest of Grenville L. Winthrop
Accession Year
Object Number
European and American Art
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Exhibition History

Moreau and Monticelli, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Cambridge, 05/13/1960 - 06/08/1960

Grenville L. Winthrop: Retrospective for a Collector, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 01/23/1969 - 03/31/1969

Pre-Raphaelite and Early French Symbolist Art in the Fogg Collections, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 01/16/1973 - 02/25/1973

Master Paintings from the Fogg Collection, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 04/13/1977 - 08/31/1977

Masterpieces of European Art, Busch-Reisinger Museum, Cambridge, 06/22/1985 - 09/15/1985

Sublimations: Art and Sensuality in the 19th Century, Harvard University Art Museums, Cambridge, 07/13/1996 - 07/21/2002

Between Reality and Dreams: Nineteenth Century British and French Art from the Winthrop Collection of the Fogg Art Museum, National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, 09/14/2002 - 12/08/2002

A Private Passion: 19th-Century Paintings and Drawings from the Grenville L. Winthrop Collection, Harvard University, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, Lyon, 03/15/2003 - 05/26/2003; National Gallery, London, 06/25/2003 - 09/14/2003; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 10/23/2003 - 01/25/2004

For Students of Art and Lovers of Beauty: Highlights from the Collection of Grenville L. Winthrop, Harvard University Art Museums, Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, 04/16/2004

Ancient to Modern, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 01/31/2012 - 06/01/2013

32Q: 2120 19th Century, Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge, 11/16/2014 - 01/01/2050

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