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From October 1872 until March of the following year, Degas was in New Orleans visiting his extended family with his brother René. He painted two compositions set in the office of his maternal uncle Michel Musson, a cotton buyer. The first of these, A Cotton Office in New Orleans, which Degas intended for the commercial market, depicts the business activities of the office within the framework of a group portrait. This painting, by contrast, is less concerned with narrative and likeness, concentrating instead on the construction of the enclosed space of the shop. Borrowing framing techniques from Japanese prints, Degas has created a planar space in which the figures and objects fluctuate between three- and two-dimensionality. The image of a framed seascape on the right edge of the canvas reinforces the perspectival shifts occurring in the rest of the scene.

Identification and Creation
Object Number
Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas, French (Paris, France 1834 - 1917 Paris, France)
Cotton Merchants in New Orleans
Other Titles
Original Language Title: Marchand de coton
Work Type
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Level 2, Room 2700, European and American Art, 19th century, Impressionism and the Late Nineteenth Century
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Physical Descriptions
Oil on linen
58.7 × 71.8 cm (23 1/8 × 28 1/4 in.)
frame: 83.7 × 97 × 7.6 cm (32 15/16 × 38 3/16 × 3 in.)
Inscriptions and Marks
  • Signed: l.r.: Degas [stamp]
  • label: verso, upper left of frame, torn: [printed:] EXHIBITION OF THE WORK OF E [torn, portion missing] DEGAS / THE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART / FEBRUARY 7 [illegible] MARCH 9, 1947 / [torn, portion missing] [typewritten:] S MARCHANDS [torn, portion missing] ON / [torn, portion missing] UNIVERSITY - FOGG MUSEUM
  • label: verso, upper center of frame: [printed:] WILDENSTEIN [torn, portion missing] / 19 EAST 64th STREET / EXHIBITION [typewritten:] LOAN EXHIBITON - DEGAS / [printed:] DATE [typewritten:] APRIL 7 - MAY 14, [handwritten:] 1979 / [printed:] ARTIST / TITLE [typewritten:] COTTON MERCHANTS AT NEW ORLEANS / [printed:] LENDER [typewritten:] FOGG MUSEUM OF ART / [printed:] No. [typewritten:] 26
  • label: verso, top of center stretcher: [printed:] DATE / ARTIST [handwritten, black ink:] Degas / [printed:] SUBJECT [handwritten, black ink:] Cotton Merchants / [printed:] OWNERs NAME [handwritten, black ink:] Paul Rosenberg / [printed:] ADDRESS [handwritten, black ink:] c/o Wildenstein & Co / 647 - 5th Ave
  • label: verso, top stretcher, center, partially obscured behind labels on its left and right: [obscured] [printed:] D'ART FRANCAIS / [obscured] ANCISCO / [obscured] 1928
  • label: verso, top strecher, center: [printed:] Sujet / No du Catalogue / No de l'Invenaire / [at right, handwritten] 316
  • label: verso, top stretcher, center: [printed:] FOGG ART MUSEUM / Artist [handwritten, black ink:] Degas, Edgar / [printed:] Subject [handwritten, black ink:] Cotton Merchants / [printed:] No. [handwritten, black ink:] 1929.90 / Screen
  • label: verso, top stretcher, center, behind Fogg Art Museum label, mostly obscured: [printed:] Art [obscured] / L [obscured] / [handwritten, black ink:] 76 [label is a Fogg Temporary Loan label]
  • inscription: verso, left stretcher, center, black crayon: #7 c [illegible text]
  • inscription: verso, top of frame, white chalk: Degas
  • stamp: verso, upper left quadrant of canvas, black ink: [round stamp] DOUANES CENTRALE
  • stamp: verso, middle stretcher, left side, black ink: [center:] PARIS [perimeter] DOUANES CENTRALE
  • label: verso, left side of frame, red border, typewritten: TR 8401 / 2 [handwritten:] I
  • inscription: verso, bottom of frame, white chalk: Cotton Merchants
  • label: verso, bottom of frame, serrated edges, printed: 14
  • inscription: verso, bottom stretcher, right center, graphite: Screen #9
  • label: verso, lower right corner of frame: [printed:] The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street / New York, NY 10028 / S.L: [typewritten:] / [printed:] Descrption: [typewritten:] COTTON MERCHANTS IN / NEW ORLEANS / CAT. 116 / [printed:] Artist: [typewritten:] DEGAS / [printed:] Lender: [typewritten:] HARVARD UNIVERSITY ART / MUSEUMS (FOGG ART MUSEUM) / CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS / [printed:] Exhibition: [typewritten:] DEGAS 9/27/88 - 1/8/89
  • stamp: verso, right stretcher, black ink on cut out paper adhered to stretcher: [perimeter:] DOUANES FR [ripped, missing] SES [illegible text] / [center:] SERVICE De EX [illegible]
  • stamp: verso, center stretcher, right side, black ink: [illegible text] [Douanes stamp]
  • inscription: verso, center stretcher, right side, red chalk: [illegible text]
  • stamp: verso, lower right part of canvas, black ink: [perimeter:] DOUANES FRANCAISES / [center:] [illegible text]
  • inscription: verso, right stretcher, black crayon: No. 5
  • label: verso, right side of frame, handwritten: Degas / Marchand de / Coton
  • inscription: verso, top of frame, white chalk: 36
  • inscription: verso, top of frame, right side, white chalk: Sc 10 B
Atelier Degas, sold [through Vente I, Galeries Georges Petit, March 26-27, 1918, no. 3]; to [Paul Rosenberg, Wildenstein Gallery, New York], sold [1]; to Fogg Art Museum, 1929.

[1] Purchased through the generosity of Herbert N. Straus.

Acquisition and Rights
Credit Line
Harvard Art Museums/Fogg Museum, Gift of Herbert N. Straus
Accession Year
Object Number
European and American Art
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