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A Model City

Virtual renderings and three-dimensional models of structures at the Sardis excavation, created by Harvard architecture students, show new aspects of the site.


Landmark Occasion

Special events and other programs throughout 2018 will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the San Biagio Church complex in Montepulciano, Italy—which has a unique connection to our Calderwood Courtyard.


In Focus: Somerville Research Facility

Our Somerville Research Facility is home to the museums’ archives and a part of our Art Study Center. It also offers storage for some of our collections and is the home of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, the Division of Communications, the Department of Digital Imaging and Visual Resources...


From On High

By Bahadır Yıldırım

This summer a drone called Icarus provided new views of Sardis, advancing research on the ancient site.


Ancient Secrets Uncovered

Theresa Huntsman, an archaeologist and the publications data manager for the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis, recently led an examination of Cinerary Urn with Relief Battle Scene, a shoebox-size terracotta vessel from Chiusi, Italy, that likely dates from the second century BCE. The urn contain...

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